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Improve Business productivity with a fully integrated digital workspace

Why a Citrix Workspace

Digital transformation requires businesses to provide a superior employee experience for higher productivity and stronger security policies for data loss prevention. Only Citrix Workspace offers a user-centric experience where everything you need to work is in one unified app, with conditional access and performance made simple based on user context and IT-designed policies. Citrix Workspace fully aggregates all apps and data across all applications—both on-premises and cloud—to deliver the right experience to the right user at the right time.

Explore some of the key use cases for Citrix Workspace

Which Citrix Workspace do I need?

With Citrix Workspace users get a seamless work experience regardless of the type of app, device, network, or location, without a lot of extra steps. IT maintains control and visibility of SaaS, mobile, virtual, and web apps with a simple and integrated solution that enhances a user’s experience, giving them the best tool to do their job efficiently. Compare below to see which product best suits your business needs.

Workspace Standard Workspace Premium Workspace Premium Plus
Access via Workspace app Yes Yes Yes
MDM, MAM, Secure Mail & Secure Web productivity apps,
Management for PC, Mac, Chrome OS, & other
No Yes Yes
Workspace Environment Management service No Yes Yes
Citrix Access Control (SSO, Cloud App Control for SaaS &
Web Apps, Secure Browser, web filtering)
Yes Yes Yes
Citrix Analytics for access control Yes Yes Yes
Citrix Content Collaboration No Yes Yes
Citrix Analytics for workspace No Yes Yes
Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops No No Yes
Citrix Hypervisor (for deploying Apps & Desktops) No No Yes

Citrix Workspace Suite