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Deploy Citrix Endpoint Management in as little as two hours and start managing all your devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and IoT through a single platform. As part of Citrix Workspace, provide your users a better experience with access to all their apps and files from a single, intuitive interface.

Key Features

Explore some of the key use cases for Citrix Endpoint Management

Today’s highly mobile workforce has pushed productivity beyond the constraints of physical offices, traditional work hours and corporate-issued devices. Employees feel they need to be connected at all times and bring their own devices into the workforce to do so. While bring-your-own device (BYOD) allows for device freedom, it potentially exposes corporate data to security risks.

With Citrix Endpoint Management, organizations can ensure that they have combined policies, procedures and technologies to protect their corporate data regardless of where the it is accessed or resides. Through mobile app and device management, Citrix Endpoint Management secures corporate data and mobilizes productivity, enabling device freedom for the end user without the added stress on IT.

Citrix Endpoint Management lets you configure and manage mobile devices that can be shared by multiple users. The shared devices feature lets, for example, clinicians in hospitals use any nearby device to access apps and data, rather than having to carry around a specific device. You may also want shift workers in fields like law enforcement, retail, and manufacturing to share devices to reduce equipment costs.

With Citrix Endpoint Management, shared devices and apps are kept secure. IT can apply security policies specific to each user’s role in the organization, and can also geo-fence devices by locking each device to a specific network ID. This approach can reduce the appeal for device thieves. Geo-fenced devices also improve productivity in many work scenarios, such as warehouse stocking or tableside and beachfront order entry in a hotel.

The Citrix MDX toolkit is a simple and powerful SDK that makes any mobile application secure. This MDX library can be embedded into your internally-developed apps with a single line of code. The MDX SDK container technology provides mobile apps with features like data encryption and micro-VPN.

For third party vendor apps, visit the Citrix Ready Marketplace, which includes a large collection of business-ready apps that are secured by Citrix MDX technology.

Citrix Endpoint Management supported platforms

Citrix Endpoint Management provides comprehensive enterprise mobility management solutions that support today’s leading tablets and smartphones. Seamlessly integrate and manage across platforms and give employees the freedom of device choice.

Citrix Endpoint Management and Android

Android combines with Citrix Endpoint Management to provide enhanced hardware and software security and comprehensive enterprise mobility management, so IT organizations can increase levels of control without compromising end-user experience.

Citrix Endpoint Management and Apple iOS

Citrix Endpoint Management delivers comprehensive mobile device, app, and data management for Apple iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, to give your users the freedom and flexibility to work on any device they choose.

Citrix Endpoint Management and Windows 10

With Citrix Endpoint Management Windows 10 instant compatibility, customers can take advantage of mobile device management (MDM) capabilities to enroll, secure, and manage Windows 10 devices, including Windows 10 desktops, laptops, and tablets.