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Secure, Scalable, Completely Managed Private Cloud On The Most Reliable Microsoft Cloud Platform

Leverage the benefits of the true hybrid cloud. Deploy hybrid cloud and enjoy the benefits with XCELLHOST and MICROSOFT.


XcellHost Private Cloud has brought Microsoft Azure cloud for your organization’s data center to increase productivity, flexibility and operational excellence. It merges Azure Stack’s three key components – Windows Cloud Server, Hyper-V and System Center.


Deliver on-demand, scalable IT services via Hyper-V. It helps in moving or expanding usage of shared resources and in adjusting their usage with the changes in demand.

Minimize resource consumption by integrating servers and workloads into fewer, but robust physical computers.

Minimize the impact of downtime of workloads– both scheduled and unscheduled with the help of Hyper-V with private cloud server hosting.

A skilled desktop strategy with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can alleviate your data security and business agility along with meeting regulatory compliance along with desktop operating system and applications’ management. Remote Desktop Virtualization Host (RD Virtualization Host) and Hyper-V are installed on a single computer to give virtual desktop pools to your users.

Use VMs to develop multiple computing environments for stringent testing and development purpose, saving the requirement of buying and optimizing all the needed hardware.

System Center 2012 R2

System Center provisions standard or personalizes infrastructure on-site cloud server hosting for Windows Azure environments to cater business needs of multi-tenancy, workload flexibility or performance, heterogeneity along with chargeback.

System Center grants required agility to application owners while giving you with essential tools to get IT support and cost-effectiveness.

System Center provides the single toolset for tracking virtual, physical or cloud computing models’ infrastructure resources throughout Cloud environments – service provider, on-premises and Windows Azure.

System Center focuses on optimizing your workloads and applications by providing rich insights, facilitating expected application SLAs.

System Center delivers IT services flexibility to enterprises by providing the needed service management processes such as process/knowledge integration, custom service request offerings plus chargeback.

Windows Azure Pack

A customizable and consistent management portal with Microsoft Azure for provisioning, controlling and monitoring services like VMs, websites and Service Bus.

A management portal for admins to configure and manage user accounts, resource clouds, quotas, pricing, and tenant offers.

Service management API – a REST API is the potential of management portal. It enables different integration scenarios and service access that includes custom portals and billing systems.

Keep up consistency with MS Azure sites; this service provides flexible and high-density shared web hosting platform for Node.js, PHP, and ASP.NET web applications. It includes a personalizable web application gallery enrolling famous open source web applications and source control systems’ integration for customized applications along with websites.

This service provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) abilities for Linux and Windows virtual machines (VMs) based upon System Center and Windows Hyper-V. It includes virtual networking capabilities, a VM template gallery, and scaling options.

Keep up consistency with MS Azure Service Bus; this service provides flexible messaging services among distributed applications. Further, it has topic-based and queued subscribe/publish capabilities.

Windows Azure Pack can automate and integrate added custom services into a framework of various services, which involves execution environment along with a runbook editor.

This service provides users Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) abilities for SQL and MySQL Servers. This ability is being utilized by various applications, like web applications during website’s service and others.


With XcellHost and Azure Stack, your business will get regular modern application development, faster deployment to market, full data control and compliance, high productivity, even in interruptive scenarios, and informed decision making through robust analytics tools.

Microsoft Azure Stack comes pre-installed on hardware, and you can deploy it to a third-party or XcellHost datacentre.This allows your applications to regularly span both public and on-premises cloud environments, leading to the optimisation of data sovereignty and flexibility.

Azure Stack has all cloud efficiencies, for instance, pay-as-you-use pricing and higher scalability for your IT environment.


These architectures are only for reference purpose only. They may vary as per requirements of your specific business infrastructure or applications.


Private Cloud with tested cloud expertise and entrusted Microsoft Azure Stack globally.


Implementing Microsoft Azure Stack is the job of professionals as it requires skills and knowledge in handling Microsoft Cloud. Xcellhost, being a Microsoft partner has years of experience on Microsoft cloud products, so you can be assured that you get complete deployment along with operational support for Microsoft Azure Stack.

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With Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud, you can create a hybrid environment by integrating Azure with your IT, which helps you to shift multiple environments. With Azure Stack, you can run Azure on-site or in our XcellHost datacentre. This renders you to leverage all cloud benefits from the single recognized environment.

At XcellHost, we ensure customer compliance. That’s why the XcellHost Compliance Platform provides complete compliance with any industry requirement (FCA, PCI, etc.) throughout all environments and all technologies. Your IT is al scrutinized in real-time and periodic reports are generated automatically for your documentation.

Our professionals have developed Launch Pad, an Azure Stack one node as a service POC. Being is a single-node Azure Stack appliance; it is hosted in our datacentre. Being rolled out in less than a day and followed by our services to help you every step of the way.