XcellSecure | Endpoint Detection Response

EDR solutions are the most promising security tools for addressing this challenge because they can bring immediate visibility to what is happening on an endpoint, allowing security teams to accelerate endpoint threat detection and response.

EDR maturity model levels of protection

EDR solutions provide the visibility required to find incidents that would otherwise go unnoticed, but they require time and expertise to know what to look for. This is why EDR solutions can vary greatly in scope, complexity and efficacy, as illustrated by the EDR maturity model below.


Reliant on protection, but what about the 1% that slips through?


“Dumb collection” approach where the burden is on the user to search and find meaningful detections with limited response tools


“Native Automation” automatically prioritizes alerts and can prevent if needed, while also giving the security team the flexibility of performing its own custom searches and to take decisive action to respond to and eradicate sophisticated threats


Proactive managed hunting, investigation and response activity on emerging and advanced threats — leveraging rich data using advanced analytics in the hands of a proven and experienced team of threat hunters

Using falcon insight as your EDR solution will provide the following benefits:

Dramatically Reduce Attacker Dwell Time

Pairing full endpoint visibility with indicators of attack (IOAs), Falcon Insight behavioral analytics analyzes events in real time to automatically detect traces of suspicious behavior. It ensures you haven’t been compromised without your knowledge, stops attackers before they can do damage and eliminates the risk of silent failure.

Accelerate Incident Detection and Response

Automated detections and unparalleled visibility, combined with the built-in intelligence of Falcon Insight, provide the context needed for any security team to quickly investigate, prioritize and respond to even the most sophisticated attacks, leading to faster and more precise remediation.

Immediate time to value save time, effort & money

Cloud-native Falcon Insight doesn’t require any on-premises infrastructure. Once deployed, Falcon Insight immediately begins to detect suspicious activities, without any configuration, baselining or fine tuning. As your security needs grow and mature, you won’t have to find and learn a new solution, because Falcon Insight can scale with you

Key Product Capabilities