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Data outputs from research and development, clinical trials, and genomic analysis can be large, complex, and not in a format that is easily digestible and actionable. Using the XcellHost Cloud you have access to secure, durable, and highly-scalable cloud storage. There is no minimum fee or set-up costs and you only have to pay for the storage that you actually use.

XcellHost can also help you derive data insights faster and more cost-effectively by offering a complete analytics pipeline that can ingest any type of data, whether it is structured or unstructured. Because XcellHost services are elastic, you can scale up computing services like XcellHost EC2 during peak demand periods, and scale back down again when demand has decreased. Utilize high performance computation (HPC) clusters in minutes and scale capacity quickly to avoid research bottlenecks caused by resource limitations.

Manufacturing is one of the most challenging environments for Life Science organizations to operate in as they must quickly, efficiently, and consistently execute complex and expensive processes while complying with evolving regulations. XcellHost offers flexibility, scalable capacity, IoT and analytics services to help modernize manufacturing and supply chain management. Manufacturers can adopt XcellHost secure in the knowledge that it can be used in a manner compliant with the good practices (GxPs) that define their operations.

XcellHost makes it easy for you to provide your contractors with virtualized desktop environments to gain access to certain software and systems while maintaining control of your intellectual property. If you are working with a contract research organization (CRO) or contract manufacturing organization (CMO), you can also provide centralized shared resources in the XcellHost Cloud to provide secure access to contract documentation, clinical data and patient information to support your regulatory compliance (HIPAA, GxP). Building GxP systems using AWS allows you to improve the control you have over your IT environment, gives you enhanced testing and traceability, and helps you to respond to audits.

XcellHost allows for rules-based, automated compliance. At the corporate level you can create rules regarding how your XcellHost infrastructure can be provisioned and configured throughout your organization. When you are creating infrastructure for a particular project you can create reusable templates that allow you to have a consistent environment for development, testing, production, and validation activities. Once deployed, XcellHost has tools to continually test, monitor, and log events that occur. You can use these tools to rapidly detect deviations from corporate policy and sound alarms when they occur.

Implementing cost-effective analytics is crucial throughout the biotech & pharma data value chain. With the XcellHost Cloud, you can ingest and digest different data sources, whether it is structured or unstructured. XcellHost services can be used to analyze data from clinical trials, scan adverse event databases to improve product quality and safety, scan sales data, or consumes streams of manufacturing data from connected manufacturing devices.

With the XcellHost Cloud, you can increase brand awareness of your approved drugs or therapies by creating digital engagement platforms for your customers. You can build dedicated brand websites, mobile applications and sales tools to help promote product sales and increase customer engagement. When you build your digital marketing tools with XcellHost you can build solutions that can scale with demand, integrate with email, and provide dynamic and static streaming content across the globe.

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Pharma on cloud

Most major pharma players have already embraced the cloud technology to speed up their drug development process, R&D and clinical trials, as they are the major growth drivers in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma cloud computing allows the organizations to have an agile, cost effective and compliant infrastructure without compromising the security standards.