Are you planning to buy dedicated server hosting for your website?

If yes, then you must be aware of the various advantages that dedicated server hosting has. Especially, if you are expecting huge traffic to your website, then you ought to analyze the benefits of this server hosting before taking your decision.

There are many hosting services available at the moment but when it comes to security, performance and availability they might not work as per your expectations.


Dedicated server hosting comes with more reliability, uptime and security than shared hosting. With a dedicated server, a client can get the server on rent from a hosting provider. They usually offer RAM, CPU and disk space as per their requirements.

In this post, we have come up with various benefits of using dedicated server hosting but before that, it is essential for you to know about dedicated server.


What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated server hosting is that hosting in which the whole system is completely dedicated to one user or organization. Unlike shared hosting, you need not share the server or any part of the server with other users.

You get complete access to all the resources assigned to you by the service provided as per your plan. Also, a dedicated server could be less expensive than other hosting forms.


Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

1. Administrative Access

This is one of the biggest benefits which you enjoy with dedicated server hosting. Unlike shared server hosting, you get full control over the administrative access of your system. You don’t need to worry about the activities of the others. The wrong actions of others cannot affect the speed of your server and bandwidth usage, you are free to choose the scripts, programs, and applications to run on the server.

Usually, when you share the same server with other people the hosting company does not provide you the administrative control of the server. The root access allows you to monitor the usage of the server. This helps you to identify the potential issues and resolve them before they harm your website and its functionality.

2. More Secure

Dedicated server hosting provides a high level of security as compared to VPS and Shared Hosting. There are many benefits which you will get with this hosting. First of all, there is no risk for you to share your space with malicious or spammers website.

Dedicated hosting service provider always takes care of handling highly sensitive information. This hosting service is protected by PCI DSS ( Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) which allows you to accept credit card payments. Also, this is one of best security provider against adware and malware.

3. Better Performance and Reliability

With dedicated hosting server, when you have the option not to share your server resources with other websites, automatically, your performance gets enhanced. You will not receive any frequent downtime due to unrestricted access to the server resources. This means, your website gets more availability

Businesses who work with managed dedicated server, don’t need to take an unnecessary burden of managing the servers on their own as the service provider performs that for them.

If you go by performance, a dedicated hosting server is certainly the best performer for those websites which receive huge traffic such as e-commerce sites. Shared Hosting not able to handle lots of traffic.

4. Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated server comprises a dedicated IP address that means you have no longer need to share the similar IP with other users. This also means that their actions will not affect or make any changes in your business reputation.

With Shared Hosting, your IP might be blacklisted due to the issues caused by others but here you won’t face any restrictions.

When you share your IP with other spamming sites like an adult site, it not only undervalues your reputation but it also affects your search engine rankings. Dedicated server hosting is essential for E-Commerce websites that receive credit card payments and also require SSL.

5. Round The Clock Technical Assistance

Dedicated server hosting provides you the access to an advanced control panel that makes you more convenient to monitor and manage your website and use its features. You can run software and applications as per your choice and also go for special server security measures required by the programs and apps that you run.

Anytime, if you are stuck with any technical glitches, dedicated server hosting provides you round the clock technical access where an expert helps you to overcome the issues you face.

6. Multiple Domains

In dedicated server hosting, you get this facility to host multiple domain names on a single physical server. This is highly beneficial as well as cost effective for the businesses who are dealing with more than one departments.

7. Scalability

With the enhancement in your business and the expansion of your website, you need additional space along with resources. Dedicated hosting helps you to get more space without transforming or migrating to a new server or hosting provider. You will get the opportunity to scale up your business with minimum expenses.


Is Dedicated Server Worth To Invest?

The answer to this question will completely depend on the types of website you want to go with. If you want to start a simple blog or a website, which you would not expand soon, you will go for shared or VPS hosting as it is cheaper than a dedicated server hosting.

But if you are planning to come with a big level website like e-commerce website which requires more space and traffic along with severe power and particular software configuration, you should go with a dedicated server. It will make your investment worth it.


Final Words

So, here you witness the benefits of a dedicated server hosting. Every business planner, who wants to generate maximum online revenue, should have to switch over to a dedicated server. Only a dedicated server provides you full control over the access and complete control over the management of the online store.