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Security Attacks Happen.Bounce Back Fast.

Recover faster from security attacks with deeper intelligence on threat behavior and impact.

Introducing Radar: Recover Faster. Stay Smarter.

Radar makes it easier and faster to recover from security attacks while providing greater intelligence on how an incident impacted your global applications and data.

Meet the Polaris SaaS Platform

How Radar Works


Leverage machine learning to detect and alert on anomalies

We apply machine learning on application metadata to detect and alert unusual activity, such as ransomware. By using machine learning, we can continuously refine our model to keep up with the evolving threat landscape.


Analyze changes to file content to identify what was impacted where

Radar scans the entire environment to map change activity over time. Spend less time discovering what applications and files were impacted across your entire environment with a granular view of change activity.


Restore to the most recent clean state with just a few clicks

Simply select all impacted applications and files and restore to the most recent clean versions quickly. We simplify complex, manual processes into intuitive workflows using a consumer-grade interface.