XcellSecure | Unified Security Management

A Unified Security Platform for Threat Detection, Incident Response & Compliance

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Multiple security capabilities in one platform

Automated Asset Discovery ›

Know what’s connected in your environment
at all times, even in a dynamic cloud.

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Endpoint Detection & Response ›

Continuously monitor your endpoints
for threats and configuration issues.

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Intrusion Detection ›

Detect threats and suspicious activities
early with host, network, and cloud IDS.

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Vulnerability Assessment ›

Identify vulnerabilities and AWS configuration
issues that put your organization at risk.

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File Integrity Monitoring ›

Be alerted to suspicious changes on
critical servers as required by PCI DSS.

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Log Management ›

Automate log collection and analysis
and securely store raw logs in the Cloud.

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User Activity Monitoring ›

Gain visibility of user activities in Office 365,
G Suite, and other business-critical cloud apps.

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Dark Web Monitoring ›

Know if your users’ credentials have been
stolen and trafficked on the dark web.

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Security Orchestration ›

Update IP blacklists, open IT tickets,
and much more.

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Improve security and compliance with an easy-to-use, affordable SIEM tool.

Threat intelligence platform capabilities

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