XcellDataProtect | File Integrity Monitoring

Real-time File Integrity Monitoring for Data Security & Compliance

Event Log Analyzer facilitates real time file integrity monitoring (FIM) by protecting sensitive data and meeting compliance requirements.

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How File Integrating Monitoring is Done

Change Tracker Gen 7 has transformed the way that FIM is used. Other manufacturers may claim to have invented FIM, but NNT have perfected it.

No FIM Noise – Complete Clarity

Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control learns and understands regular change activity and planned changes – like Windows Updates – so there’s no need for repeated acknowledgment of false positives.

System Integrity – Total Control

We provide the state-of-the-art in FIM. Forget about basic, freeware or SIEM FIM, it won’t cut it.
Real-time change detection? Agent or agentless operation? Command-line queries? Coverage for custom applications? API integrations with 3rd Party Service Desk apps?
We cover it all, for all platforms, in a scalable, enterprise solution.

Event Log Analyzer’s File Integrity Monitoring capabilities:

How Does File Integrated Monitoring Works ?